Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mac Apple Wheel

A Keyboardless laptop?? HhhWhhAattT...

Apple introduces laptop with no Keyboard .. I just wonder how to use it.. umm? This may take time for you to type in your messages but I guess you will enjoy playing the wheel though... It is somehow like playing your iPod.. A brilliant Idea ;-)

Keep on driving....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nibiru 2012 / John 3:16

I was trying to make a research regarding “asteroids” and the probability that a certain asteroids or comet will going to hit the earth. And suddenly as I go further with my research; I was caught by a topic that leads to an argument of believers and Non- believers.

Have you ever heard the term Nibiru? Let me share some thoughts or an idea regarding this Nibiru and based on what I have read….

We can do see some falling stars at night and make wishes if we saw one in our own eyes but, then does it passes to your mind on how big is the Universe? Will there be a chance that one day… one of this large asteroids, comet or any heavenly bodies will going to hit the earth?

There is this argument regarding this planet Nibiru called “Planet of the crossing”. Zecharia Sitchin is one of the believer of the “The Twelfth planet” – Nibiru – Planet X. According to what I have read “There was a twelfth planet and was already shown during ancient belongings of the oldest civilization that was discovered in time of the Sumarian - it was a civilization and historical region located in Mesopotamia commonly known in modern time as Iraq. Sumarian showed in their remains
and artifacts that during their time they are aware of the Solar System;take note that their civilization was 2,500 BC. Sun is the center of our Solar System and surrounded by planets but as some were thinking why does the Sumerian place in their remains that we have 12 planets as shown in the Figure - experts believe that Sumerian concluded; that the Sun and Moon were part of the solar system, but then there's still a thinking that if we are going to eliminate sun and moon as planet, still there are 10 remaining planets. We all know that we only have 9 planets in our Solar System.
Believers concluded that the 10th planet that is missing was the Planet X - " Nibiru" and was also called the "Twelfth planet". Planet Nibiru rotates against the rotation of our solar system basically an odd orbit between the planet Jupiter and Mars and closer to earth; it enters to the local orbit every 3600 years. As some have predicted and believe that this event will going to happen in the year of 2012.
Other believer were reminded of the prediction by NOSTRADAMUS as he said - " In the year 1999 and seven months, The Great King of Terror shall come from the sky" ...and believe's that this is the planet Nibiru.

The ancient Mayans were "given" a 5000 Year Calendar by their gods. Their Calendar ends on DEC 22, 2012 . The Mayan civilization were known for fully developed written language of the pre columbian America, it was one of the most populated and culturally dynamic civilization in the world. Mayans have also predicted the end of their civilization;Is it possible that they can predict our future too?

All of these information were based on what I've read, giving both parties a chance to understand their thoughts. A question of believers and non believers, will it going to happen or not? Nobody knows what will going to happen in the future.

How big the Universe is?

According to what I've read Universe diameter is at least 93 billion light years as for astronomical observation. With that vast kind of expansion will there be a chance that a certain object might go and hit the earth... Never forget that there is only one Supreme Being who can tell, who can see and who knows what will happen in the future. When it comes to confusion, misunderstanding... there’s only one person that you can call on to…who can save us from danger and bring us in salvation…


I'm always reminded by this verse in the bible and always inspire me and say that "Our God is bigger than the Universe".

"John 3:16"

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Trick or Faith

When we were young – All we know is that life is all about playing, running, bullying, jumping, laughing... I still remember during the time I fell down and hit the ground, will see blood...I will suddenly stop at my post, look at my wounds until I can feel it as it opens and start to cry and yelling “MOMMY..” “WaAhhH…” “MOMMY...”

And here comes the savior of my day. Mommy is here to wipe out the dirt and tears. Mommy will just do a little trick to suddenly remove the pain; by carefully touching me; carefully blowing my wound and saying now it’s “GONE” and a gift of kiss coming from Mommy will certainly takes away those pains. Trick or a faith?

Christmas has past but we still felt it as it breeze. New Year will surely arrive in a few days now… But, have you already taken away the pain that your Mom’s felt in return? Have you already thank them during those times as she watches and struggle as we grow up? When was the last time you thank your Mom as another year passed by? Is it enough to be with them during “Noche Buena” and New Years Eve?

Now, we will try to do a little trick for them this time. It will not take so much of our time to stop and pause, while we celebrate New Years Eve… Let us all give our Mom..
A simple Touch as we care…

A simple Hug as we love …

And never forget to THANK them as they watch us grow and always serve as our guidance...

And a gift of kiss will certainly take away and wipes those pains we shared and what they’ve been going through…

We don’t have to say those pains are already “Gone”.. they will certainly felt it, for this will give them happiness and strength to face a brand new year

May You All Have a Blessed and a Happy New Year…

306 Calories / Hour

How many Calories do we take daily?

To give you an idea on how much calorie we take everyday. According to experts for Mcdonalds Big Mac with Cheeze 704 Cals, Glasses of Wine 79 Cals, cans of Coca Cola 207 Cals, Rice 685 Cals per serving, Pork Chops (grilled) 340 Cals/24g, Chicken 140 Cals/12g.,.etc.;

What are the things that helps you in burning all of these calories we take?

Did you know that you can burned 306 Calories per hour while you enjoy playing with friends?

Have you already tried playing BADMINTON?

Badminton is basically a racquet sport by either two opposing players, it's not a physical game like basketball, wrestling and other sports but mainly fun game that will include Stamina, Speed and Strategy .

The game is a concept of Table tennis and Volleyball. Table tennis on how you serve the shuttle and it should be serve across the opponent, Volleyball in a way that you have to avoid the shutlte cock hitting the ground.

Stamina for the game will last in 3 sets of game and first to make 21 points per set ( rally point was the new score rule for badminton ) A rally ends once the shuttlecock has struck the ground, and the shuttlecock may only be struck once by each side before it passes over the net. Speed for it requires you to run and dive for the shuttle for it can cross through a rectangular overall dimension of 20 feet by 44 feet. Strategy is one of the component in winning the game while controlling the shuttle on where you want it to hit giving your opponent a hard time to hit the shuttle cock.

Badminton can be played either by ladies or gentleman, young and old one,. Give yourself a time to release some of those stress and calories while you enjoy playing with your friends and families.

Come and join me! :) and BURN!! those FATS and CALORIES..

Keep on tossing those shuttle's ...

see yah....

Time Can Tell ( Rhythm of Heart )

Just a simple story of mine and would like to share it with you. Simple inspiration can trigger some of your talent. If there are things that you can't share by words then you can express and share it by a song.

Time Can Tell ( Rhythm of Heart )


There's a man who believe that the love is for everyone
That can be shared by you and me, and I can't do it on my own
Love will come and prevail, but there's no one who will never know
what is for you, for you and me; and Heaven can only show


Cause I know time will tell when love will come for you
And nothing else that your heart can do
Just follow the Road, the Beat and the Rhythmn/Feeling of Heart


And I choose to love you with all my silence
I choose to touch you only in my dreams
Cause in my dream just you and me
Together and Foreveremore


I don't think that you need me but I need you so deeply
There's something that tell's me that you need him so much
Cause your not me and you for me
I fear that I'm loosing you

(Repeat Chorus)


Cause she did make me sad and Strong
And I thank God that I met you and I'm on my own

(Repeat Chorus) 2x ..

Cause I know that.. time will tell when love will come for you
And nothing else that your heart can do
Just follow the Road..
Follow the Road.. Follow the Road..
And the Beat and
The Feeling of your Heart